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Break your lines

Do read Ann and Peters writing tip first that goes with this exercise:

Have a look at how various writers break their lines and particularly to seek out a piece of blank verse – and then write a piece of contemporary blank verse.


  • Iambic pentameter as we know has nine, ten or eleven syllables to allow five stresses in a pattern of unstressed stressed/unstressed stress etc. syllables. E.g. ‘And leave/ the world/ to dark/ ness and/to me.’
  • Nowadays we still see roughly five stressed syllables in a line but often in among several more unstressed syllables.
  • Now mostly we want verse to be smart-casual, nearer to real speech, or at any rate we prefer it to disguise its poetry.
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Experimenting with structure

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Drawing your childhood memories

We all have child’s eye views – many in fact. Some might say we’re already a step ahead…

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Trusting the power of gravity

As a competitive fellrunner (and avid cyclist, mountaineer, swimmer etc. etc. you get the idea) I’m fascinated by…

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Gas Ring – the game

A quick exercise to show the importance of writing high stakes for your characters when writing a play….

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Expressing the inexpressible

This exercise is very simple, but it’s an exercise that touches on both the material and language of…

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An art collaboration

You don’t have to know an artist to collaborate with them. They don’t even need to be alive….

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The sounds of your world

Writing audio drama is about identifying significant sound. You need to identify and create the sound world that…

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Exaggerate to accumulate

This is an exercise in what the comedian Stewart Lee calls “exaggerating for comic effect.” He was being…

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The imaginary grunt

Listen in to a real conversation that you are not involved in and note just how much extraneous…

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How to Play

Take a blank sheet of paper. At the top of it, fill in the blanks of this statement:…

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Using an object to tell a story

The aim of this exercise is to use the power of objects or images to help to illustrate…

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