LITERARY TRANSLATION - a course at Arvon - Arvon


Revealing the world’s great stories

GENRE: Fiction, Non-Fiction & Life Writing, Other & Poetry
Lumb Bank

Translation can give voice to the finest literature the world has to offer. During the week we’ll be looking at the mechanics of this creative art and discussing the ideas and approaches a new translator might take.

This is an intense, enjoyable week in which we look at both the practice of translation and also discuss, if not the theory, then certainly the personality of translation and its practitioners. We begin each day with group sessions led by the course tutors. The sessions include interactive workshops on prose construction, translating birdsong and discussions and knowledge sharing. The afternoon sessions are in smaller groups and we concentrate on the distinct demands of poetry and prose and focus on translation samples the participants have brought with them.

Single room price: £725
Shared room price: £680

Grants are available to help with the course fee
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