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The poetry toolkit upgrade

GENRE: Poetry
Totleigh Barton

What tools do you need to do the subject matters of your poetry justice: language, imagery, tone, voice, form, free verse, rhythm, rhyme? Here is an opportunity to look in detail at the mechanics of writing poetry, to revisit and practise some essential skills and develop new approaches and aptitudes. We look forward to revitalising your enthusiasm for the nuts and bolts of making poems in a nurturing environment.

We asked the tutors to tell us a bit more about what material they will bring to the course and what approach they will take. Here’s what they said:

“We’re going to be looking at a wide range of accessible contemporary poems which demonstrate some of the skills that we want to practise and develop – for example, the choice of different types of language, from cool and formal to intimate and colloquial, varieties of tone, uses of imagery, metaphor, similes, and finding forms that appeal to us and suit our material. These poems will provide starting points for writing our own, and this will be the main thrust of the week and a guarantee that we all end up with a sheaf of new poems”
~ Michael Laskey

“When I open my poetry toolkit, music comes out. I’m inspired by the unexpected and I want to inspire you in new ways. The sound of poetry, the speaking, the listening, the memorising of it, is central to my poetic practice. When I teach it, I celebrate voice, form, rhythm and rhyme. You’ll experience how voicing a poem sharpens the editing process; when form is a dance; how rhythm is meaning; that a word can rhyme with itself. All these nitty gritty skills will help your poems fly.”
~ Patience Agbabi

Single room price: £760
Shared room price: £710

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