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Games writing demands the scene-setting skills of a playwright, the characterisation of a novelist, the nuance of a poet – and the flexibility to allow your audience into your work. We’ll explore the best AAA and indie games (electronic and otherwise), we’ll discuss what games can become, and we’ll do lots of practical work to bring it all together.

Whether you’re a game developer who wants to write better or a writer who wants to learn more about how games tell stories, we’ll tailor the course to answer your questions. As well as open workshops, you’ll get one-to-one tutorials and time to work on your own projects.

Drawing on our own experience working in games and other media, the tutors will show how you can apply your existing storytelling skills to modern interactive formats. The old-fashioned skills of a writer are as valuable as ever – but the possible platforms for your work are more varied.

You’ll also gain an insight into the everyday challenges and rewards of working as a writer in the games industry.


Employees working in the UK games industry can apply to Creative Skillset for 50% funding of  this course. See http://www.creativeskillset.org/funding/SIF/Approvedtraining

Single room price: £725
Shared room price: £680

Grants are available to help with the course fee
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