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Donate to help more people on low incomes come to Arvon

Arvon’s Grant Fund breaks down financial barriers to attending Arvons’ courses. We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to explore their imagination and write. But currently we can only award a grant to the equivalent of one person per course. Will you help us to double the number of grants we can offer?

Hear why Mark Haddon has made a donation to help writers on a low income develop their craft:

Mark Haddon, Arvon tutor and author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and The Pier Falls

At a time when many more people in our society face deprivation and barriers to opportunity, it is more important than ever that a variety of voices are heard. Creative writing evokes new possibilities, new ideas, new futures. It unlocks our potential, our empathy and our hope. The circumstances of beneficiaries vary enormously, they may be a young person earning a low wage, someone who is unemployed, a carer of an elderly relative, a single parent.  It is vital that those who want to explore their ideas and creativity are enabled to do so regardless of their financial situation.

A young woman from Yorkshire received a grant following a prolonged period of ill health and mental health difficulties. She had found herself homeless and residing in mental health assisted accommodation, awaiting a council property:

Without this grant I would not have been able to afford to come to Arvon. I have come home a better writer, more inspired, encouraged and enthused to keep on going at a time when I had lost hope and all confidence in my writing…Attending the course has made me feel like I can achieve anything.

Grants are judged on financial need and commitment to writing, and range from £100 to the full course fee of £760.  £500 is the most commonly awarded grant.

All gifts are appreciated. Everyone who makes a donation of any size will receive a personal thank you.

In addition,

For a gift of £200 you will receive a poem or piece of prose from a beneficiary

For a gift of £500, the most common sized grant awarded, you will receive a case study of a grant recipient, and hear how they have benefited from the course.

For a gift of £1,000 you will receive names and news of emerging talented writers who have benefited from the Grant Fund and can be listed by name on our website as a supporter, in addition to the above benefits.

For a gift of £5,000 you will have the opportunity to visit an Arvon Centre, by arrangement, and meet the Centre Director over tea, in addition to all the above benefits.

If you would like to hear more about our Grant Fund please contact Kathryn Beale, Head of Development: or call 020 7324 2554

Need financial support to attend an Arvon Course yourself? Click here and read how to apply.