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Arvon in the Press

The long-established Arvon writing courses are legendary.

Prima Mag, 2015 Sept Edition

Arvon offers new and developing writers a beautiful escape to learn their craft.

The Guardian, 2015 June Online Article

The Arvon Foundation has been offering peaceful sanctuary for writers since 1968. Arvon promises their attendees ‘special places where you can feel free to imagine, concentrate and write.

I-Am Self-Publishing, 2015 June Online Article


The Arvon Foundation has thrived for almost half a century. In that time, several thousand budding writers have attended Arvon courses at four rural centres, tutored by more than 1,500 practising poets, playwrights and authors.

The Telegraph, 2014 September Online Article

My new notebook was soon overflowing with advice that changed my whole perspective on writing a book and helped me fix the tangles in my plot. By the end of the week, we all left with a few more pages written, a clearer idea of where we want to go and a list of friends to keep in touch with.

Completely Novel, 2014 July Online Article

One of the best open secrets in the world of writing is the Arvon Foundation an organisation with three centres in England. Everyone is welcome from children on school trips to grown ups on open courses.

The Express, 2014 June Online Article

There’s lots of applause, lots of laughter and not a few tears as we cover dialogue, structure, voice and imagery. We make abstract poems out of our pasts and favourite objects. We speed write the beginnings of novels and give our characters names from the index of a road atlas. And all the time my inner critic – that nagging little voice that tells me my writing is rubbish – stays silent.

The Express, 2014 June Online Article

The atmosphere is convivial, with a shared passion for books and writing creating a rich seedbed for friendships.

The Guardian, 2006 June Online Article

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