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It’s All In The Name

Our names – first names, surnames, maiden names, nicknames – carry all kinds of significance and are a great way into writing about the family. Many of us have stories about how we came about our names and how we feel about them. These might be about our family names or about the names given to us by our parents. Use your name as a starting point to write a poem. These questions might help you to start thinking:

  • Who named you? Where does your name come from? Were you named after someone?
  • How does your name link to your identity? Does it indicate a past profession? Does it indicate nationality or religion?
  • How do you feel about your name?
  • Use the senses to stimulate a poem about your name. You might consider how your name tastes, feels, smells. What colour is your name?

You might also want to do some further research into your name to find out more about its origins.

You may wish to embody this theme in the poetic form, by writing an acrostic, which spells a name horizontally in each line of the poem, such as Lewis Carroll’s ‘A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky’. Have a look too at Kevin Hart’s ‘My Name’ and Philip Larkin’s ‘Maiden Name’ for inspiration.

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