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First draft to publishing deal

GENRE: Poetry
The Hurst

You’ve written the first draft of a poem. What happens next? Do you sculpt it down to its essence, consult a thesaurus, or insert lines, stanzas and white spaces? Are you fired by its visual impact, soundscape, intellectual complexity or emotional punch? Is it raw or cooked, hard-edged or polished? And when you’ve got enough poems for a collection, how do you go about shaping it for publication? Become your own best editor with the guidance of two poet-editors expert at giving and receiving criticism. Please send three poems of not more than 40 lines each by Monday 12 November 2018 to


This course is half-price for Arvon 18-25 members and those in receipt of certain UK state benefits – see here for concession pricing information.

Single room price: £800

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