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Courses Testimonials

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“There’s something very special about the nourishment I find on an Arvon retreat. The space to be with my writing, away from distractions. The friendly welcome. The shared cooking. The communion of like-minded folk. The gentle atmosphere. I arrive on a Monday with a sense of anticipation, open to whatever might come my way – and there are always surprises. I know that by the following Saturday something will have been created that wasn’t there before. Bloody marvellous!”
– Rosie Garland

“I arrived at the beginning of the week wondering whether I might be a writer or even if I could write. But when I left, not only did I feel I could write, I knew that’s what I was going to do next.”
– Piers Torday

“To have the opportunity to concentrate solely on writing for a week without the usual diversions has been wonderful. To be among like-minded souls and encouraging tutors has been great for confidence and self-belief and the workshops and tutorials have been inspiring and helpful. I leave feeling fired up and enthusiastic about pursuing my writing.”
– Course Participant

“Both courses I attended have had a massive impact on my writing, and been part of the motivation and encouragement I needed to begin working professionally as a writer.”
– Course Participant

“I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to be a part of the week, and I feel strongly that the courses Arvon run and their commitment to continuing to make them accessible to all, has a real impact on the cultural landscape of the country, long may they continue.”
– Course Participant

“I cannot express what a change this week was for me. It was surreal to meet tutors who were so skilled and experienced, I felt a bit “star struck” to begin with, but their ability to spend leisure and workshop time in a friendly and relaxed manner helped me relax. The tutors could not have worked harder to ensure that every member of the group had a voice.”
– Course Participant

“The course has been an absolute joy from start to finish. I’ve stretched my sides with laughter and my mind with new techniques.”
– Course Participant

“I think it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve done. I really do feel that it has been a dream come true and that it has changed my life. Thank you to the tutors who both went above and beyond with their time, advice, kindness and generosity.”
– Course Participant

“It is invaluable to writers at an early stage to have this feedback on their work. Many people on my course said that they wished that they had received this type of input earlier in their career – that it might have borne fruit and improved their success. It also provides time to think – in an over complicated world it is hard to carve time for yourself against the requirements of work, family, and daily chores. Arvon was a breath of fresh creative air.”
– Penny Clark