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Andrew Miller

There are plenty of newcomers on the scene offering short courses for writers but Arvon remains in a class of its own. An Arvon course can change your life. It’s as simple as that.

Annette Brook

There’s nothing quite like a Arvon retreat. Arvon is essentially quality time with no distractions and like-minded souls to talk and think with. I recommend everyone do one. It’s wonderful.

Simon Armitage

These are life-enhancing weeks. I’ve witnessed the most
astonishing evolution in students’ writing and confidence over the period of just a handful of days, and as a tutor it’s a privilege to see people grow and flourish during the course, and to spend time with those who share a passion for artistic thinking, creative articulation and the written word.

Wyl Menmuir

In the last week I’ve made more progress as a writer than in the last year as a whole and I’ve returned even more determined to improve and make space and time for writing.

Despite the proliferation of arts retreats, writing courses, workshops and literary events in the UK, Arvon’s programme of residential courses remains the best for keen writers of all levels, in all disciplines. Arvon are peerless in their course design, the diversity of the teachers and students, their ability to move with the times and the special combination of rigour, peacefulness, camaraderie and privacy.

The atmosphere is convivial, with a shared passion for books and writing creating a rich seedbed for friendships

16 travel worn souls uncertainly entered the doors to seek guidance from two established experts in the field – and walked out a short week later with notebooks brimming with ideas, the beginnings of promising first novels and an address book full of brilliant and supportive friends who could always be counted on to provide advice and encouragement along the journey.

It unlocked my mind and gave a new pulse to writing. I discovered things flowing from my pen and sentence structures which must have lain dormant or unformed.

A beautiful location far from the madding crowd, a supportive and talented group of like-minded people as fellow fledgling writers, and two intelligent and experienced professional writers to guide and inspire. This course had all the ingredients for a powerful week of writing, and it did not disappoint one bit. There was just the right balance between some challenging writing workshops and free time for our own writing.

Arvon has thrived for almost half a century. In that time, several thousand budding writers have attended Arvon courses at four rural centres, tutored by more than 1,500 practising poets, playwrights and authors

My week at The Hurst set a series of events in motion that has just seen me sign with my first choice of agent at Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh. The restorative environment Arvon offers, and the people I met there played a huge part in helping to channel my chaotic ideas and fragments of story into a coherent work of fiction. I am most grateful for the opportunity for growth that was provided by this remarkably well-designed writer’s tool.

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