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We recommend retreats for the more experienced writer. All retreats offer single rooms only. Otherwise, domestic arrangements are the same as for all courses. We have four types of retreat:

Tutored Retreat
Two tutors are available for two one-to-one tutorials each, with a guest tutor on Wednesday. There are no workshops in the morning.
No tutors, no morning workshops and no evening readings. You’re free to structure your time as you see fit.
Friends’ Retreat
This week is structured as a retreat, but it’s open only to Arvon Friends.
Retreat with Yoga
This is structured in the same way as a retreat, but you have optional hatha yoga and meditation sessions in the morning and evening with a trained instructor.

“There’s something very special about the  nourishment I find on an Arvon retreat. The space to be with my writing, away from distractions. The friendly welcome. The shared cooking. The
communion of like-minded folk. The gentle atmosphere. I arrive on a  Monday with a sense of anticipation, open to whatever might come my way – and there are always surprises. I know that by the following Saturday  something will have been created that wasn’t there before.”

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