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Groups Testimonials

A group of young adults on an Arvon writing course

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“Just to say in all my Arvon years as student and tutor, this was the most outstanding course. It was brilliant and transformative for all the individuals, but also for the organisation of Vita Nova. I really find it hard to express how amazing it has been for them. Your support alone and your faith in them has been worth gold.”
-Nell Leyshon, Tutor, Vita Nova

“I am going to use all the techniques and strategies in my classroom. I really enjoyed the simple strategies which I can use with any age group.[…] I honestly can say this is the most enjoyable and rewarding residential I have been on. From the hospitality and the amazing food, beautiful surroundings, beautiful buildings. My residential with Arvon will be embedded in my memories. A place like this is so important to help people enjoy writing and find ways of expressing themselves.”
-Group leader, Opportunity Youth

“Arvon gave me more confidence and made me believe I can achieve and excel my goals.”
-Participant, Writing the Game

“I have learnt now to enjoy writing and how to express myself to other people and myself.”
-Participant, Writing the Game

“Arvon has changed the way I see writing as before it seemed it was all for school and now it’s no longer about school. It’s about writing for yourself.”
-Participant, Writing the Game

“I’ve come out of the course with three polished poems I wrote here, friends from all over the world, and confidence to continue my writing. I’ve done two writing workshops before this – each were three weeks long – and I’ve grown more this week than I have in those six weeks. Incredible course.”
-Participant, Foyle Young Poets

“The course has given me confidence. Having people listen to my work and being able to be open about my experiences with people that just get it, has meant the world to me and now I feel so much more comfortable writing about my experiences. It has given my direction, opportunity, friendship and I feel it has helped me move forward in my aspiring writing career.”
-Participant, Siblings Together

“This was one of the best weeks I have ever had inn terms of a course, learning opportunity etc. Everything was fabulous, the food, the location, the mix of people. The tutors were fantastic, so open and they gave such excellent advice. My writing will improve now. I was fixed, trapped in a formal approach to writing, afraid to commit my voice to paper, restraining my voice. I feel more aware that I have my own and more confident to use it and take risks.”
-Particpant, Visual Arts South West