Online Writing Workshops

Our programme of online activities for schools and other partners offers a chance for the young people in your group to engage with professional writers in real time, even for those learning from home.

Drawing on over 50 years of experience organising and hosting creative writing workshops, Arvon will work closely with you and our extensive network of professional writers to tailor an online workshop which meets the needs of your group and goals for the session.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with a published writer
  • Develop writing skills and explore their creative voice
  • Engage with new creative writing techniques and writing styles
  • Develop key soft skills including confidence and communication
  • Teachers will also be exposed to a valuable CPD opportunity in teaching creative writing by joining the workshop.


We can work with you to plan an activity that meets the needs of your group, choosing a suitable duration, degree of interactivity, and appropriate subject matter to help inspire them to write and to take pride in their own work.

‘Virtual Visit’

We will work with you to host a virtual visit from a professional writer. The writer will give a reading from their work and answer questions from your group. Alternatively, you may prefer to split the session so there are two readings of 15-20 minutes each, followed by an opportunity for a Q&A session with the writer to discuss their career. The virtual visit is suitable for larger groups and lasts for 1 hour.

Live Video Workshop

Students will have the chance to interact with a professional writer who will discuss elements of technique, set exercises and give your group time to write in response to prompts during the session. We can arrange time for sharing work, either throughout the workshop or at the end, and for the tutor and the group to offer feedback. The live video workshop is best suited to small groups, max 20 participants, and is 2 -2.5 hours long.

Live Video Masterclass

Similar to a workshop but with less interactive elements, students will have the chance to hear from a professional writer about elements of technique and be guided through a writing workshop. The group can ask questions or make comments through the chat function but for most of the session the participants will be muted. This would suit older students who are self-motivated writers. The live video masterclass would work well for a larger group and is 2- 2.5 hours long.

Bespoke Workshop

If none of the options above quite fits your aims, we can work with you to plan a tailored activity that will be more suitable. This could be a longer-term engagement such as a week-long ‘virtual retreat’ or a series of visits over a few months that build on one another. Whether your group have additional needs that require the activity to be redesigned, or you’d like to link in with an existing project or scheme of work, we’re keen to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of schools and other partners. Even if your idea is still a bit vague, get in touch and we can work with you to develop a plan.


If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact Sophie Lloyd-Catchpole at