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(M)Other Tongues

Resource / Fiction, Poetry, Theatre / 12-14, 14-16

(M)Other Tongues Learning Resource 

Developing creative writing with bilingual and multilingual young people 

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Arvon’s (M)Other Tongues project worked with bilingual and multilingual young people across England, supporting them to explore their heritage and to develop their writing both in English and in their home language or languages. Participants included speakers of Portuguese, Yoruba, Somali, Urdu, Mirpuri, Romani and young people of French-speaking African and Caribbean heritage. 

The (M)Other Tongues Learning Resource includes exercises and guidance for working with multilingual learners in both smaller and larger groups, and provides a pathway from introductory to advanced activities to help young writers develop new ideas and refine their work in poetry, prose and drama. 

Suggested standalone exercises to print for home learning: 

  • Page 19, Exercise 2: ‘My life as a river’.
  • Page 24, Exercise 4: ‘Mind Mapping’.

To find out more about the (M)Other Tongues project including evaluation reports and a list of writers who can deliver multilingual creative writing projects, visit the case study page: (M)Other Tongues.  


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