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One Home: Stories of Young Climate Activists

By: Hiba Noor Khan

Video / Non-Fiction / 12-14, 8-12

‘There are poems in the trees, secrets in the sea and songs in the breezes, but over the centuries most humans have forgotten how to hear them.’ – One Home

Join author Hiba Noor Khan to explore the lush Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and the spectacular snowy Arctic circle through the pages of her book, One Home. Every person has a right to live on our planet, a right to call somewhere on this earth their home.

Featuring real life stories of young inspiring climate activists, One Home is a glorious journey across our precious world, visiting 18 different countries and ecosystems. From South Africa to Indonesia, Ukraine to Congo, the book takes readers on an adventure to meet the heroes who are fighting for the protection of Earth, and provides tips and challenges to join the struggle.

In this session Hiba will read from the book and consider our sacred connection to the natural world. Drawing on the wisdom of traditional Japanese culture, Hiba will invite you to come up with your own micro-season and natural ‘sit-spot’.

If you’re feeling inspired by the stories in One Home, check out Hiba’s workshop ‘Writing to Make Change’ below for tips on how to write your own manifesto for change.

This is a recording of a live event that took place on Tuesday 14th February 2023.


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