Sparking Ideas – Using Art to Inspire Your Writing

By: Ben Street

Video / Fiction, Non-Fiction / 14-16

Looking at art can spark all sorts of new conversations, new ideas and new ways of thinking. It can also inspire all sorts of new writing. You don’t have to know anything before you encounter a work of art; you just have to be open to it, and to bring your ideas and thoughts into contact with it to create new things. In this session, Ben Street will take a handful of images of artworks, made across the world and across history, and guide you through some effective ways to engage with them. This is not about art history, artists’ life stories or art movements: it’s about really looking, really thinking, asking questions and being ready for ideas to spark.

This video is roughly 1 hr 20mins long including time to write. Skip to 3:57 for the first exercise.


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