Taking Inspiration from Rare Books and Archives

By: Francesca Beard

Video / Fiction, Poetry / 12-14

Take the unique opportunity to explore University College London’s rare books, archives and manuscripts from the comfort of your own home or classroom.

This workshop is part of a series with UCL Special Collections Outreach team. We asked three professional writers to explore the collection with the help of UCL staff Vicky Price and Sarah Pipkin to find a book, archive item or manuscript that inspired them to create a workshop for you take part in.

Poet Francesca Beard invites you to flex your ornithology skills and boost your botany knowledge, all through the art of nonsense writing. Francesca was inspired by the beautiful illustrations in John Gould’s Ornithology books and the nonsense poetry of Edward Lear.

This video was produced and edited by Vicky Price, Head of Outreach, Special Collections UCL Library Services. To find out more about the free projects for schools that UCL offers visit their website.


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