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This retreat has been quite special, enabling me to write more in the first three days than I had in the previous three months. The greatest gifts for a writer are time and space to write. The Clockhouse gave both in abundance.

What a glorious week at The Clockhouse! The views alone are worth the trip, and the magnificent Arvon food, the delightful company, the country walks made it a fantastic week of writing, reading and thinking.

The Clockhouse is better than a sanctuary: it’s the perfect combination of shared and private spaces. You get your own beautifully appointed apartment with bedroom, study and bathroom – a place to work and be alone. Then downstairs are a smart, well-equipped kitchen and an inviting sitting room, places to meet your fellow writers, to cook, to talk and unwind. I found that balance of solitude and company stimulating, especially when supplemented with long walks in the glorious countryside (and to the pub!). Somehow the knowledge that we were all there to work together was a spur to keep going with a difficult piece of writing. I wrote much more than I had expected, so it turned out to be a productive week, as well as a very happy one.

The conversion of The Clockhouse is stunning. Everything has been planned with writers and writing in mind. I got a lot of work done.

My week at The Clockhouse was exceptionally productive. Distractions were at a minimum and the sense of life going on beyond the Clun Valley actually acted as a powerful incentive to write while there was time to write.

Having never attended any kind of retreat before, the Clockhouse has wholly converted me. Whilst the delicious food, tranquil surroundings and comfortable amenities were key to a productive writing weekend, it was the company of other writers which defined the experience for me. I attended the retreat to take writing seriously and I left feeling validated as a writer. Arvon know what they are doing. I thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone at any stage of their writing life.

I came to the retreat from the United States — seeking a distraction-free environment to move words out of my head and onto paper. I also wanted to take time to transition writing as a career rather than a hobby. During my time at The Clockhouse, I was included amongst accomplished writers in an environment where every single detail was handled with excellence. I was free to focus on my writing goals. Arvon gathers amazing writers into an incredible space with every resource you will ever need at your fingertips. If you want a peaceful and thoughtful environment to focus on your craft, don’t look any further. You will find yourself at home at Arvon with plans to return again and again.

There is space on this retreat to both read and write, the big rooms you are given give you time to dream while the beautiful countryside provides walks and inspiration.

My week at The Clockhouse was sublime. The accommodation was comfortable and spacious, and the communal kitchen and sitting room simply delightful. I found the atmosphere very conducive to writing and regular strolls in the beautiful countryside helped focus my thoughts. The peace and quiet were only punctuated by birdsong so it was easy to immerse myself in work. My only complaint was that I went home a few pounds heavier, thanks to all the delicious food and wine. I will certainly return, and soon, I hope.

I absolutely loved everything about the Clockhouse. No complaints! The food was fantastic, the staff were helpful, and the other writers based here were great company. Thank you so much for providing this. We have nothing that compares to this in the US.

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