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Arvon Angels

A woman smiling and listening to a writing tutor speak at Lumb Bank

Arvon Angels are advocates for Arvon’s work and directly support Arvon’s charitable aim of creating access to writing for everyone.

This has never been more important than today, when opportunities to develop our imaginations are under threat, particularly for young and disadvantaged people.

Make a donation of £500 or more, to directly support Arvon’s charitable aim of create access to writing for everyone.

Donations from Arvon Angels support projects such as Mother Tongues, Arvon’s innovative project which encourages young bilingual and multilingual people to explore their languages through writing.

We hope you will consider becoming an Arvon Angel.


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Poetry isn’t about who’s smart and who’s not, it’s about inside of yourself, it’s about putting pen to paper and then just letting it write…I would recommend Arvon to any, any person to go on because you don’t just find other experiences, I think you find yourself as a person.

— Participant, Mother Tongues