Abda Khan

Abda Khan is a lawyer turned published author. She writes fiction which deals with challenging subjects, such as ‘honour’ abuse (as featured in her novel Stained, published in 2016, and described by Booklist USA as the ‘contemporary Tess of the d’Urbervilles) and modern-day slavery (explored in her last novel Razia, published in July 2019). She has just finished writing her third novel, and is undertaking research for her next book. Abda also teaches creative writing, and undertakes creative projects. In 2019, Abda was the Project creator and director of ‘Sidelines to Centre Stage’, an Arts Council funded project in which she delivered creative writing workshops to survivors of domestic violence and former female prisoners. The was then showcased (anonymously) by actors on stage through rehearsed readings. Most recently Abda has been co-creator of the project ‘Jumping the Middings’, whereby through creative writing and poetry workshops, the project has explored the memories and stories of the participants about their childhood growing up in Bradford in the 1970’s, and shared with audiences. Abda is also a speaker, campaigner, volunteer, mentor, and a Lloyds Bank Women of the Future Ambassador. Abda has received recognition for her work; she was Highly Commended as a finalist in the Nat West Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2017, and won British Muslim Woman of the Year at the British Muslim Awards 2019. She has recently been shortlisted for the Lifetime Achieve Award in the Law Society Excellence Awards.