Amanda Li

Amanda Li is a children’s writer who loves creating non-fiction, humour and activity books and books for film and TV. Before she became a full-time writer, she was a commissioning editor at Puffin Books. Writing non-fiction books has given her the chance to learn exciting new skills: how to run a marathon in space, how to survive alone on a desert island, and even how to communicate with aliens! 

Libraries have always been Amanda’s favourite places. When she was nine, she met Elisabeth Beresford (creator of the Wombles), who gave a talk at her local library and inspired her to become a children’s writer. She hopes that some of the characters she has written about in Rise Up will inspire other children too. 

Amanda now lives near Wimbledon Common with her husband Andy and her daughters, Izzy and Millie. Apart from writing, she enjoys singing (badly) and Womble-spotting.