Arvon 1-1 with Kerry Young

In-depth feedback on your fiction work-in-progress

Thursday March 26th 2020, 10.00am


A wonderful opportunity to get in-depth one-to-one feedback on your fiction writing, with acclaimed novelist and Arvon tutor Kerry Young.

The 1-1 includes two hours of an Arvon tutor’s time –

• One hour for your tutor to read 2000 words of your fiction work-in-progress
• One hour on one-to-one feedback in this writing via Skype
• A follow-up email with recommendations from your tutor on the next steps you can take with your writing

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you details of how to submit your writing. We recommend you send a synopsis and the first chapter.

Cost £150 (includes two hours of tutor time)

Payment must be made in full to secure your booking. See Arvon 1-1 booking terms and conditions.

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"My 1-1 session with Chris Wakling was the most constructive mix of praise and criticism I have had since I began my novel five years ago. With a clear understanding of my goals in mind, Chris told me what he felt I needed to do to make my novel what I want it to be."

—Jeff Probst

"I can't tell you how useful I found my tutorial with Kerry - better even than the first. I seem to have hit on exactly what I need to progress my writing. Exciting times."

—⁠Josephine Henniker



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