Arvon at Home Masterclass: Fiction: Place as Character

Zoom masterclass with Lisa Blower

Thursday July 15th 2021, 11:00 BST


Settings, scenes, places and locations: they’re as much of a character as the characters themselves. But how we do know when our places are immersive and not just described? How can we involve our own past and present relationships with place so that narrators are not just observers? What is narrator tourism and when is it appropriate? In this session, we will play around with all sorts of autogeographical techniques that will enable you to cement your settings without rushing past, and build scenes from the kitchen sink.

The masterclass will be delivered via Zoom and will last two hours (11am – 1pm) including time for you to write. You will need to have a computer or smart device and a reliable internet connection in order to participate. This is a live event only and it will not be recorded.

As part of our wider effort to increase participation in the arts, concessionary places are available for this course.

Cost: £35 (concession: £17.50)


"These zoom opportunities are really helping to open my world and keep me inspired to write."

—Masterclass participant

"Arvon at Home creates a model to participate in inspirational tutoring for writers, at a distance. The feeling of attending to my writing life in an excellent fashion, and still having a half-day for my work and caring responsibilities at home, felt like a good balance."

—Masterclass participant

"It was an absolutely brilliant session and very very useful. And it made me realise how much I’ve missed this kind of workshop because of having children and family that I can’t leave. Now we’re all in the same boat the online stuff is truly transformative."

—Masterclass participant



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