Arvon at Home Writing Week: Fiction

Writing with freedom

Monday January 18th - Friday January 22nd 2021


Some of the best and most fulfilling writing comes from instinct and spontaneity. What would it be to write with complete freedom, and without the judgements we usually put on ourselves? Wherever you are in your writing project, we want to encourage and help you to experiment and play with words and form, to shrug off, even if temporarily, the things that worry you about your writing and which keep you bogged down.

This week will free you up and allow you to approach your work with a fresher energy. We hope you will leave inspired, keen to continue with your own project, and able to face the peaks and troughs of the creative process with more resilience.

We’ll help you to make ‘Arvon at Home’, turning your own place into a writing cocoon, capturing the transformative power of our acclaimed Arvon residential courses: two brilliant author-tutors at your service, a caring and sharing group, the time and space to devote to your writing, invaluable feedback, new writing pals, and the unique creative progress that happens in a dedicated week. 

You will be offered the best of a classic Arvon residential week, with a few virtual tweaks. Spot the difference: a carefully balanced combination of tips to help you focus, daily morning workshops, one-to-one tutorials with both tutors, three evening get-togethers to chat about the day’s work, a mid-week guest reading offer, the celebratory Friday-evening collective reading, and lots of time and encouragement for you to write every day. You will receive a free ticket to our Wednesday evening Live Guest Reading.

All gatherings, one-to-one or group, will be delivered via our own Arvon Zoom, so you’ll need to have a reliable internet connection. Your Arvon Centre host will be on call to offer support as you need it, including any help you may need with your computer set-up.

To participate, and to get the most out of the week, you’ll need to turn up online for all planned morning sessions, Monday to Friday. You should also set aside your afternoons for tutorials and independent writing time.  Last but not lest, we urge you to read your tutors’ published work before the week starts.

Dates: Monday 18 January 4.30pm  — Friday 22 January 9pm
Cost: £375

If you have any questions about how the week works, or are on a low income and would like to apply for a grant to reduce the course fee please contact (grants are limited to four places).

Add to waiting list Grants are available to help with the course fee


I had the chance to speak with two well respected tutors about my work. Being able to do this in one-to-one tutorials was excellent and not reduced in any way by being on Zoom. A good chance for some very good advice. I am now determined to set to work on my writing.

—Writing Week Participant

What a lovely week—worked so well. It’s not the Hurst, but something different and equally special.

—Writing Week Participant


4.30pm—6.30pm: Everyone gathers online in Arvon’s Zoom Writing House. The Arvon Centre Director, Mary Morris, will welcome you and the tutors, giving you an overview of the week, technology support, and some ideas for making your writing ‘cocoon’. You’ll get to meet everyone, ask questions, and settle in. Your tutors, Samantha Harvey and Marcel Theroux, will ask you to start thinking about your writing, perhaps setting an exercise.


10am—1pm: Everyone meets online for the morning workshop, which includes writing exercises, discussion. There’ll be a break in the middle of the session.

2.30pm—4.00pm: One-to-one tutorials lasting 20 minutes each. You’ll have one with each tutor during the week; the rest of the afternoon is your time to think and write.

5.30pm—6pm: Informal evening get-together (optional). This is a chance to discuss the day’s work, any writing issues, what you’re drinking/eating, and anything else that springs to mind.

6-7pm: The tutors read from their own work and take questions, hosted by Mary.


The timing is just like yesterday…

10am—1pm: Morning workshop

2.30pm—4.00pm: Afternoon one-to-one tutorials

6.45pm—7.15pm: Evening group get-together (optional)


7.15pm: The Arvon Wednesday Live Guest Reading with Eliza Clark—you get a free ticket to this.


10am—1pm: Morning workshop

2.30pm—4.00pm: Afternoon one-to-one tutorials

5.30pm—6pm: Evening group get-together (optional)

6-7pm: An industry talk where you can ask your Samantha and Marcel about the publication process, hosted by Mary.


10am—1pm: Morning workshop

2.30pm—4.00pm: Afternoon tutorials

5.30- 6pm: Evening group get-together (optional)

6pm—8pm: Friday evening culminates with a celebratory reading where you have the chance to share some of your new writing. Expect laughter, tears and a huge sense of pride for all you have learned, written and achieved this week. There’ll be plenty of virtual hugs.

And then...

The week doesn’t stop here. You now have a writing community. Stay in touch. Share your work with each other, and take it forward.



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