Arvon & Malika’s Poetry Kitchen Showcase

In support of 'Too Young, Too Loud, Too Different'

Sunday December 5th 2021, 19:00 BST


‘We knew that black and brown bodies, working class voices, women’s voices, did not have a space where they could be heard – and so this writing collective was a necessary and political act.’

As the new millennium began, poets Malika Booker and Roger Robinson saw that writers outside the establishment needed a space to share, grow, improve and learn. One Friday night, Malika offered her Brixton kitchen as a meeting place and Malika’s Poetry Kitchen was born.

‘Kitchen’, as it became known, has ushered in a new generation of voices, launching some of the most exciting writers, books and initiatives in British poetry over the past twenty years. This lively, London-based community of dedicated poets has inspired similar Kitchen models to be set up worldwide, from Chicago to Delhi, creating an international MPK family.

Too Young, Too Loud, Too Different is an anthology and a celebration of Kitchen’s legacy, an appreciation of its foundational spirit and a rallying cry for all writers to dream the future. Edited by Rishi Dastidar and Maisie Lawrence, features breath-taking new poems by more than 60 MPK members over the last two decades.

Arvon and MPK invite you to this unique opportunity to hear poems from the book, read by Kitchen members across the country and the world: Peter Kahn and Ugochi Nwaogwugwu in Chicago, Heather Taylor in New York, Rosanna Raymond in Auckland, Dean Atta in Glasgow, and Khairani Barokka, Soul Patel and Jacob Sam-La Rose in London. Hosted by Kitchen’s Director for the last 11 years, Jill Abram.

This event is FREE although donations are extremely welcome.


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