Nothing is sacred

Monday November 2nd - Saturday November 7th 2020

The Hurst

Whether you have been edited before or this is your first experience of showing your work to a professional, we aim to share our enthusiasm for editing as an indispensable and inspiring part of the writing process. Whatever stage the material is at, every edit can be seen as a mini creative writing course, improving instincts for pacing, setting, drama and characterisation. Nothing is sacred and editing is always a creative act. We’ll help hone those tricky early chapters, as well as identifying the key areas of your novel which need the most attention. Participants are invited to send 1,500 words to thehurst@arvon.org by Friday 2 October for the tutors to read in advance.

Single room price: £850



The Hurst front

The Hurst

The Hurst is a place you can write, far away from daily distractions. The house and gardens, surrounded by the forest-covered Shropshire Hills, were the former home of playwright John Osborne.

“I arrived at the beginning of the week wondering whether I might be a writer or even if I could write. But when I left, not only did I feel I could write, I knew that’s what I was going to do next.”

—Piers Torday

“It is invaluable to writers at an early stage to have this feedback on their work. Many people on my course said that they wished that they had received this type of input earlier in their career – that it might have borne fruit and improved their success. It also provides time to think – in an over complicated world it is hard to carve time for yourself against the requirements of work, family, and daily chores. Arvon was a breath of fresh creative air.”

—Penny Clark

“Both courses I attended have had a massive impact on my writing, and been part of the motivation and encouragement I needed to begin working professionally as a writer.”

—Course participant

What is a Tutored Retreat?

Tutored retreats are for more experienced writers, not beginners. The focus is on space to progress with your current work, plus in-depth support from two tutors available for one-to-one tutorials. Unlike our normal open courses, there are no workshops. Instead you will have four one-to-one tutorials, two with each tutor, as opposed to two on normal courses. A mid-week guest will read on Wednesday. On the last day you will all share your writing with a celebratory reading in the evening.



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