How I Write: Peter Stott

How I Write: Peter Stott

Q&A and Reading
  • Peter Stott
Date Wednesday September 7th 2022, 19:15 - 20:15 BST
Location Online

Peter Stott is a climate scientist whose book Hot Air: The Inside Story of the Battle Against Climate Change Denial was published by Atlantic Books in October 2021. He has been at the forefront of international research into climate change for over 25 years and has witnessed at first-hand how vital action to address the climate crisis has been delayed by lobbyists, politicians and maverick contrarians. Hot Air was reviewed in the New Statesman as ‘jaw-dropping’ and ‘an invaluable record of how climate scientists have fought deep-pocketed lobby groups’ and was described as ‘illuminating’ and ‘compelling’ by the Irish Times.

Now more than ever we need stories – to engage, to entertain, to nourish, and to help us make sense of what we’re living through. So join us from the comfort of your sofa and listen to writers share their work, the stories behind their work, and invaluable writing advice directly from their own desk (or maybe the kitchen table). And the best part? At the end you get to ask them questions about their words, pick their brains on craft, and learn more about the business of writing.

The reading and Q&A will be delivered via Zoom webinar, so you can take the session at your own pace, without the pressure of having your video or camera on. Sessions are also recorded so if you are unable to attend live, you will have access to the recording for a month afterwards.

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I feel much more confident about short stories now! In such a short time I feel I was given such a great overview and the reader/tutor was so generous with their feedback and knowledge.
— How I Write participant
Very lovely. It had an intimate feeling despite it being a Zoom event and all of us being in different places.
— How I Write participant
"What a brilliant reading. It was intimate and moving and very listener friendly. I loved it and will be back for more."
— How I Write Participant



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