Masterclass: The Poetry of War

Masterclass: The Poetry of War

Zoom Masterclass with Iryna Shuvalova
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    Iryna Shuvalova
Date Tuesday October 11th 2022, 19:00 - 21:00 BST
Location Online

“the war gave everyone a role—what’s yours?…

what can you say when over there

everyone everywhere is shouting” — Iryna Shuvalova

In this Masterclass, Ukrainian poet and translator Iryna Shuvalova will ask how poetry can bear witness to the horrors of war whilst offering moments of transcendence and beauty. You will be led through an exploration of how both distance from and proximity to conflict affects how we can write about it. You will read poems that examine the pain, anger and helplessness of living in a world riddled by war.

Iryna will lead you through a series of writing exercises to help you generate your own poetry that speaks with and through the earth-sundering realities of contemporary conflict.

This Masterclass will be delivered via Zoom webinar (19:00-21:00), so you can take the session at your own pace, without the pressure of having your video or camera on. Sessions are also recorded so if you are unable to attend live, you will have access to the recording for a month afterwards.

Regular price: £10

(This Masterclass is running at a reduced fee. If you feel able, we suggest a £25 donation to a UK charity supporting Ukraine. A list of orgs can be found here: What can you do to support Ukraine & Ukrainians? ‣ Ukrainian Institute London)

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"These zoom opportunities are really helping to open my world and keep me inspired to write."
— Masterclass participant
"Arvon at Home creates a model to participate in inspirational tutoring for writers, at a distance. The feeling of attending to my writing life in an excellent fashion, and still having a half-day for my work and caring responsibilities at home, felt like a good balance."
— Masterclass participant
"It was an absolutely brilliant session and very very useful. And it made me realise how much I’ve missed this kind of workshop because of having children and family that I can’t leave. Now we’re all in the same boat the online stuff is truly transformative."
— Masterclass participant



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