Online Writing Day: Fiction

Online Writing Day: Fiction

From the foothills to the summit
  • Olivia Sudjic
Date Friday October 28th 2022, 10:00 - 16:30 BST
Location Online

Whether you’re still in the foothills, deprived of oxygen at your novel’s summit, or already making your descent, every writer benefits from a guide. Over the course of this one-day webinar you’ll explore the key components of crafting a novel, with acclaimed novelist Olivia Sudjic leading the way.

Rather than a set of rules (kill your darlings, show don’t tell, never start with the weather), you will explore novel-writing in its various stages: from first hints to the final draft, and from pitching to publication. Bring your knotty problems, burning questions and your doubts: it’s often precisely by leaning into these, rather than following formulas, that a writer’s best work gets done.

Emma Paterson, Director of the literary agency Aitken Alexander Associates, will also join for an afternoon session.

To make the event as accessible and flexible as possible, all sessions of the day are delivered live via Zoom webinar. You have the choice to attend each session live, which will mean you can contribute via the chatbox, or you can watch the recordings of each session at any time over the course of the following month. Please note, your camera and audio will not be visible/audible, allowing you to relax and take the day at your own pace. 

Cost: £85

Concessions: £42.50

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On the Day

10.00-12.30 Workshop One

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.30 Workshop Two

14.30-15.00 Break

15.00-15.45 Agent speaker session with Emma Paterson

16.00-16.30 Final Q&A surgery session



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