Online Writing Week: Fiction

Online Writing Week: Fiction

Curiosity and the creative life
  • Gemma Seltzer
  • Sarah Butler
Date Monday May 30th - Friday June 3rd 2022
Location Online

Are you hoping to get your creative juices flowing this summer? Join tutors Gemma Seltzer and Sarah Butler for an online writing week that explores curiosity as a seed for creativity.

With a spirit of openness and wonder, this course will explore how being inquisitive can enrich and enhance your writing. Supported by your tutors and fellow writers, you’ll discover the power and joy of creative risk, as you are inspired to move towards work that is more open and bolder than any you’ve written before.

Expect days filled with writing prompts – and with creative invitations to be curious about where we are in the world, what kind of writing we might create and what kind of writers we might become.

Do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent – lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It’s as simple as that – Tove Jansson.

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Online writing weeks offer an equivalent experience to classic Arvon residential writing weeks: daily morning workshops followed by one-to-one tutorials in the afternoon, tutor readings on Tuesday evening, access to a mid-week guest reading on Wednesday and the traditional celebratory group reading on Friday, all from the comfort of your own home.

Online: £400

Concessions: £200

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Nothing short of transformative! I can't believe how much we packed into just a few days and how much impact it has had. I'm writing in new styles, new forms, new images, new rhythms!
— Writing Week Participant
I had the chance to speak with two well respected tutors about my work. Being able to do this in one-to-one tutorials was excellent and not reduced in any way by being on Zoom. A good chance for some very good advice. I am now determined to set to work on my writing.
— Writing Week Participant
Arvon courses are always so inclusive, supportive, fun, and instructive. There is something really magical and intimate about what happens during the week.
— Writing Week Participant


14.00—16.00: Everyone gathers online in Arvon’s Zoom Writing House. Your Arvon host Natasha Carlish will welcome you and the tutors, giving you an overview of the week, technology support, and some ideas for making your writing ‘cocoon’. You’ll get to meet everyone, ask questions, and settle in. Your tutors, Gemma Seltzer and Sarah Butler, will ask you to start thinking about your writing, perhaps setting an exercise. There may be some homework for tomorrow morning.


9.15am-9.45pm: ‘Writing Together’ – Half an hour each morning of quiet
writing time before the morning workshop. Cameras off and pen to paper until 9.45. (optional)

10.00-12.45: Everyone meets online for the morning workshop, which includes writing exercises, discussion and comfort breaks.

14.00 – 16.30: One-to-one tutorials lasting about 20 minutes each. You have one tutorial with each tutor during the week, the rest of the afternoon is your time to think and write.

18.00—19.00: Tutor readings: Sarah and Gemma will read and speak about their work, followed by a Q&A hosted by Natasha.



9.15am-9.45pm: ‘Writing Together’ – Quiet writing time with cameras off.

10.00-12.45: Morning workshop

14.00 – 16.30: One-to-one tutorials


19.15-20.15: The Arvon Wednesday Live Guest Reading with Vanessa Onwuemezi—you get a free ticket to this.


9.15am-9.45pm: ‘Writing Together’ – Quiet writing time with cameras off.

10.00-12.45: Morning workshop

14.00 – 16.30: One-to-one tutorials

18.00—19.00: Cover’s Night: Everyone brings along a poem or short prose
piece (max 2 minutes to read) which means something to them, whether it’s
inspired their own writing, or spoken to them at a particular point in their lives, or just made them laugh or cry. Everyone will be asked to share their piece and talk about why it’s important to them.


9.15am-9.45pm: ‘Writing Together’ – Quiet writing time with cameras off.

10.00-12.45: Morning workshop

16.00-17.30: A celebratory reading where you have the chance to share some of your new writing. Expect laughter, tears and a huge sense of pride for all you have learned, written and achieved this week. There’ll be plenty of virtual hugs.

And then...

Next steps: The week doesn’t stop here. You now have a writing community. Stay in touch. Share your work with each other, and take it forward!



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