Arvon Grant Scheme Terms & Conditions

1. Arvon’s grant scheme is for writers who cannot afford the full course fee. Grants are awarded on the basis of meeting the specific eligibility criteria of the relevant scheme or financial need, and not writing ability.

2. Arvon grants are only available to writers living permanently in the UK. We are unable to offer grants to citizens of the UK living abroad. For the purposes of our policies, a UK resident is defined as a person who has their main home in the United Kingdom, who is registered with a medical practitioner in the UK, and who has been resident in the UK for 6 months out of the last 12.

3. An Arvon grant will cover some or all of the full cost of one Arvon course, which includes all tuition, food and accommodation.

4. Travel to and from the course must be arranged by the grant recipient, and all travel costs must be paid by the grant recipient. Arvon cannot provide financial assistance with travel.

5. We can only offer one grant per person in any given year and will not be able to consider applications from those attending more than one course in that year. Priority is given to those who have not received a grant or attended an Arvon course before. Individuals may receive a maximum of three grants in total and each successive grant will normally be significantly smaller than the last.

6. Grants are connected to a specific course and applicants may reserve a place prior to making a grant application. A place can be reserved for seven days, giving time to complete a grant application.

7. After receiving notification that they have been awarded a grant, the recipient must confirm their booking by paying a minimum deposit of £100 within seven days. If, after the grant is awarded, the balance is less than £100, the remaining amount must be paid as a deposit within 7 days. Full grant recipients are not required to pay a deposit.

8. If a grant award is not confirmed by payment of deposit within seven days of notification, the award will be withdrawn and the provisional booking cancelled. Grant awards may only be used within the calendar year in which they are awarded.

9. It is a condition of the award that grant recipients must submit a short written report (either by email or post) within two weeks of the end of their chosen course, describing their experience and the impact it will have on their writing.

10. Decisions will be made by Arvon staff. Grants will be awarded solely on the basis of the financial information and personal statements supplied in the application forms.

11. Applicants will be notified of the decision regarding their application promptly, whether or not they have been successful.

12. We aim to provide a decision on applications within 2 weeks of submission, but this may take longer during busy periods. Arvon reserves the right to award applicants a lesser amount than they applied for or to not award a grant, or to withdraw the grants scheme in whole or in part at any time.

13. Should a grant recipient need to transfer a course booking in line with Arvon’s  Booking Terms and Conditions, the grant award will be transferred to the new course if the applicant’s circumstances remain the same.

14. Should a grant recipient need to cancel a booking, the grant award will be withdrawn but a fresh application can be made in the future.

15. Our decisions on grant awards are final and we will not enter into any correspondence about them.

16. Arvon grants cannot be exchanged in whole or in part for any cash equivalent, nor transferred to another person.

17. Applications from previous Arvon grant recipients who have failed to attend a course without notice or good reason will not be considered.

19. Arvon reserves the right to withdraw any offer of a grant if the conditions of the award are not met.