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Friends Testimonials

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“I’ve got a huge amount out of the Arvon Friends writing tips sent to me this year – it’s been helpful to get new ideas and perspectives from established authors who know what works. I look forward to the emails in my inbox!”
– Mary Fairman

“I have received so much from Arvon – support, vision, friendship, access to great writers – that I wanted to give something back by becoming an Arvon friend.”
– Pennie Roberts

“I love these tips – they’re so helpful and make me think about different options for how I approach my own work – and that when words don’t flow, and ideas seem to dry up, there are great strategies for moving the work forward.”
– Catherine Smith

“As a Friend of Arvon and with all my friends from Arvon – I am confident that I will never lose that confidence and motivation to use my voice and achieve that first novel.”
– Chris Metcalfe

“This new section of the website is great. Now the clocks have gone back, I’m about to settle down to some writing after a busy summer and the exercises, hints and tips that have pinged into my in-box today are just the springboard I needed to get started. Thank you.”
– Sarah Hill

“Really enjoy the hints and exercises – I won’t say they are a breath of fresh air as that is too cliched…..I’d say that the writing resources are a way of being issued with new, improved glasses and a state of the art hearing aid, so suddenly, as a writer, I’m seeing/hearing the world more sharply and in clearer detail – and noticing all sorts of shapes, colours, angles, music, sounds and echoes.”
– Catherine Smith