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“There are plenty of newcomers on the scene offering short courses for writers but Arvon remains in a class of its own. An Arvon course can change your life. It’s as simple as that.”

—Andrew Miller

“From the outset it was the founders of Arvon’s belief that an Arvon Centre was a ‘Freehouse of the Imagination’, and as such..  was owned by anyone and everyone who opened themselves to being part of its life.”

—John Moat

“It was a tectonic, life-changing experience – just that full thrust of spending 8 hours minimum per day attending to writing tasks… it was a moment midway through the week that I realised, categorically, how determined I was to become a professional writer.”

—Paul Abbott

“We had been called on to write as if writing mattered – and for the first time someone hadn’t just put a tick or a mark at the bottom of one’s writing. I think what was shattering was that suddenly everything mattered.”

—Nick Stimson

“My experience of Arvon was life-changing… I certainly wouldn’t have been able to attend if I hadn’t been given some assistance with the financial side of things.”

—Katie Green