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Schools Testimonials

School pupils sitting on bench on Totleigh Barton

Read some feedback from teachers and pupils on past Arvon courses for school groups:


“The tutors provided some of the best sessions I have seen delivered by professional writers to young people. Not only were they interested in the young learners’ writing, they were also interested in mine. I not only improved my writing skills but I was given some ideas to adapt into my teaching.”

Teacher, Lochend Community High School


“Arvon has changed the way I see writing, as before it seemed it was all for school and now it’s no longer about school, it’s about writing for yourself.”

Participant, Writing the Game


“It has made me more confident to imagine and to be creative. It has given me the courage to write.”

Student, St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls


“I came as a doubter and leave a convert. I loved it. Thank you. I hope one day to come back.”

Teacher, James Calvert Spence College


“I cannot express how important this experience has been for my pupils. They have developed the skills to confront their emotional difficulties through a creative outlet. Many have described it as the experience of their life. A truly valuable place.”

Teacher, Priory Ruskin Academy


“I feel it gave me more confidence in my own writing skills, also it gave me the tools to work in a more focused way with our students. Excellent week, a real pleasure to participate in and I feel proud of what our students have achieved whilst here. Thank you Arvon.”

Teacher, Freebrough Academy


“This was a group of students from one of the most deprived areas in Scotland, most of whom had not been away on a school trip before. With the encouragement of their teachers and the Arvon staff, they gained confidence to experiment.”

Catherine Fox, Tutor


“I feel inspired; and I can really look forward to carry on my stories, having found out about character building and initiating stories. I love it! And now I know how, I can’t see myself ever stopping my writing.”

Student, Solihull School


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