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Mother Tongues students writing

(M)Other Tongues project – Developing creative writing with bilingual and multilingual pupils

Since 2009, Arvon’s (M)Other Tongues programme has worked with bilingual and multilingual young people from across England including speakers of Portuguese, Yoruba, Somali, Urdu, Mirpuri, Romani and of French-speaking African and Caribbean heritage.

The (M)Other Tongues Learning Resource includes exercises and guidance for working with multilingual learners in both smaller and larger groups, and provides a pathway from introductory to advanced activities to help young writers develop new ideas and refine their work in poetry, prose and drama. 

This resource is for teachers, school staff, writers and anyone working with bilingual and multilingual young people. Whilst our programme focused on pupils aged 11 to 16, ideas and exercises could be adapted for higher Key Stage 2 and could equally be used with adult groups.

Use the links below to download:

Learning Resource

Writer Database: giving information about experienced bilingual and multi-lingual writers who lead effective creative writing projects with young people and includes contact details if you want to get in touch to explore a project idea or workshop.

Language Diversity and Attainment in English Secondary Schools: Report commissioned by Arvon’s (M)Other Tongues programme – S. Hollingworth and A. Mansaray (The Institute for Policy Studies in Education IPSE,London 2012) This Report, commissioned by Arvon, identifies which linguistic minorities are at a ‘disadvantage’ in secondary education in England

Final Evaluation Report by Dr Caroline Murphy