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Emma-Lee Moss

Black and white photo of Emmy the Great

Emma-Lee Moss is a musician, composer and writer. Under the name Emmy the Great, she has released four full-length albums, as well as numerous collaborations and soundtracks. Her most recent album, April/ 月音 (2020), was written in Hong Kong, her birth city. It was described by The Times as “an important document of a vanishing world.” Emmy likes using songs to tell all different kinds of stories. She has written songs based on interviews with migrant workers in Hong Kong, and with members of the Chinese diaspora in the North-West of England. She gave a talk about singing in Cantonese, her mother tongue, at TEDxNYC, and used music to follow children’s clapping games around the world in an award-nominated BBC Radio 4 documentary. She has written an unusually large number of songs about Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, and loves songwriting as community work. She runs regular songwriting workshops on self-trust in songwriting, and is in the process of qualifying for EAR-tification from the Centre of Deep Listening at Rensselaer.