Write Your Life like Austen

By: Ayisha Malik

Video / Fiction / 14-16

In partnership with Jane Austen’s House

Join us in Hampshire for a private tour of Jane Austen’s House before delving into what makes Austen’s writing so enduring and relevant to the present day, over 200 years after her last novel was published, with author Ayisha Malik.

This workshop gives tips and exercises for using comedy in your writing, mining your own life for character ideas and tackling the issues you care about through your writing, just like Austen did in hers.

This video was produced in partnership with Jane Austen’s House. To find out more about the house and making a trip visit their website. They also have loads of brilliant resources available to access for free, including a fun introduction to the teenage writings of Austen. 

This video is roughly 60 minutes long including time to write. If you’ve already seen the tour of Austen’s house you can skip to 20:00 to get writing.


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